I am a family therapist as well as a nationally certified and registered (since 1997) non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy. Long years of professional practice in the health care system have given me the opportunity to become knowledgeable about various therapeutic methods and ideas, which I then closely examined with a view to their efficacy and applicability. I also worked as a family therapist during a seven-year stint in Tokyo, where I studied several psychotherapeutic methods that are unique to Japan. During this time, I experienced that, despite all our cultural differences, the healing arts share many commonalities. This, thus, is the area that I chose to focus on. To this day, my work continues to be heavily influenced by a cross-cultural approach.

As part of my consulting services, I make available to you a repertoire of ideas and intervention possibilities from which we can jointly find creative solutions.
Advanced training over the past years:
Tokyo English Lifeline: Asian Culture and Psychotherapy
Tokyo English Lifeline: Morita Therapy/Naikan/Zen Meditation
Tokyo, Sensei Toshiitsu Katada: ( 俊逸 堅田 ): Katsugen Undou ( 活 元 運動 )
University of Pennsylvania/Coursera: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADH/ADHS )
University of Toronto/Coursera: The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness
Duke University/Prof.Dan Ariely/Coursera: Irrational Behavior/Behavioral Economics
Emory University/Coursera: The Addicted Brain

Languages: German, English, Japanese